Joe Koehler

My name is Joe Koehler, and I am running to be your representative for Baltimore City Council in District 1. I grew up just outside the city in Catonsville, where I attended public schools and then the University of Maryland. I decided to make District 1 my home because after one visit, it felt like the right place for me. Eleven years later, I know I made the right choice.

I graduated from the University of Maryland with degrees in International Business and Government and Politics, but I always wanted to serve my community. I served in Student Government and an International Economics and Finance group and went on to do a Masters in Accounting and Business Advisory Services in Baltimore to become a CPA while also serving in the Honors Society, graduating at the top of my class. I am a Lifetime Member of the Alumni Association for the University of Maryland and served as the Treasurer of the Baltimore Metropolitan Area for four years. I have experience in helping run businesses and organizations. Although I am a CPA and Controller, I always had a calling to serve my community in multiple capacities.

While working at a CPA firm in Baltimore with different types of businesses and major non-profits, I was recruited as the new Treasurer for the Canton Community Association. What I love about this and similar organizations is how I could help the community in multiple ways with real physical work to improve the neighborhood and help run community events. This was an extension of the volunteer work I did in Scouts growing up, and that has always been a major part of my life. Once an Eagle Scout, always an Eagle Scout.

Additionally, I helped run several soccer programs after playing in the Maryland Majors after college while also officiating soccer, and I went on to serve as Treasurer and President of the Rec & Parks Council. At the same time, I went on to become the Public Safety Chair and started the Block Captain program in my neighborhood of Canton (and some adjacent neighborhoods), which has had the effect of helping build community on a more granular level. I have served on six nonprofit boards, most of which were in Treasurer roles, but I have always done so much more.

I know so many stories from people in the community who want to make District 1 the best place to live. We have a great deal of potential, and it is time to unlock it by listening to you and putting the needs of the people first.

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