Joe Koehler's Education Policy

I believe it’s time to address our education system’s challenges. Our children deserve better, and it starts with accountability and representation at the top.
Accountability in School Governance
Equitable Pay Scale
Community-Centered Schools
Enhanced Community Engagement and Expansion

Tax Policy

We need smaller, incremental tax changes over a longer period of time to allow for other forms of revenue to catch up, avoiding shortfalls (not six years). My proposal is a 0.1% rate reduction each year over ten years. My fellow Democrats are squeamish when they hear tax cuts. We think of regressive federal tax cuts that Republicans enacted while increasing deficit spending. As a CPA who has studied Tax Policy but who is a Progressive Democrat, I will be the leader who molds consensus. 2.248% is too high. (Click to learn more)

Having served as the Public Safety Chair for six years in Canton, I have worked with six different Majors and Southeast Command, which is part of the recent trend of turnover. We need to focus on retaining BPD officers and getting more support from other agencies to address the Public Safety needs of our City and District. Public Safety is the number one concern of the constituents in this District, and after speaking with hundreds of victims or families of victims over the last six years, I want to do everything in my power to protect constituents and prevent the existence of future victims of crime. (Click to learn more)

I want to work towards transportation and infrastructure improvements that are in keeping with my platform to reverse the population decline of Baltimore City while expanding the capacity for economic development, especially more jobs and more trade among our ports and businesses. Overlapping with Public Safety, I want to see a reduction of accidents and an increase of traffic enforcement but also efficient synchronization of traffic lights. I am also an advocate for Complete Streets. (Click to learn more)

To reverse the lasting impact of redlining practices in Baltimore, I will advocate for inclusionary housing in place of public housing communities and a Land Bank to accelerate the development and sale of the 14,000 or more vacant properties in the city. There are 275 neighborhoods in Baltimore and each one should have access to parks and green space, sports fields and facilities for both youth and adults, grocery stores, and affordable Pre-K to ensure that future generations are healthy and able to grow with strong community support. (Click to learn more)

My first staff hire will be a Social Worker who can help us work with those who are suffering from mental illness, addiction, or homelessness (the unhoused), which is up 11% across all cities. We will partner with other agencies, organizations, and local hospital systems to expand current programs while working with each individual in our district on a plan to meet their needs.(Click to learn more)