Education That Meets the Needs of Our Community

As a candidate for Baltimore City Council, I believe it’s time to address our education system’s challenges. Our children deserve better, and it starts with accountability and representation at the top.

Accountability in School Governance: We need more accountability at the top of our school system. That’s why I propose increasing the number of elected school board members again, ensuring that at least one is a teacher or a recently retired teacher. This will bring valuable classroom insight to board decisions, ensuring they reflect the needs of our students and educators. The City Council also deserves more visibility into our school system. My promise is to fight for that and to track the finances, communicating to the public where our money is going and where we are falling short.

Equitable Pay Scale: I believe in fairness and equity for all workers, including our educators. Just as all government workers deserve fair wages and benefits, our teachers should be no exception. I propose that Baltimore City sets the floor for teacher pay and benefits at the highest wage in Maryland. This ensures that our educators are compensated appropriately for their invaluable work in shaping the future of our city. In addition, if the BluePrint legislation is supposed to bring 600 new jobs into City Schools, I will implement incentives to retain the teachers and staff we have now. In speaking with City School teachers, we also want to make sure that the rate increase is not too front-loaded and that we incentivize teachers to stay for their whole career.

Community-Centered Schools: We must continue leveraging schools as community hubs. Expanding programs like Judy Centers, which offer a range of services from early education to family support, will benefit generations to come. These centers foster parental involvement, provide students with essential resources, and support families with wrap-around services. We can make sure that children are getting the appropriate diet and nutrition they need throughout their entire education. There are only eleven Judy Centers now, and there is so much room to expand them or a similar model. We can hire parents to work at these locations, offer free daycare, and partner with Recreation (Rec.) Councils for additional programming.

Enhanced Community Engagement and Expansion: I will advocate for the establishment of more Rec. Councils citywide to increase community and parental engagement. Additionally, I will push to expand Hampstead Hill Academy into an additional vacant school at 801 S. Highland so that everyone who wants to go there can. The vacant school will serve as the middle school, and the current building can have more classrooms for Pre-K through Elementary School. I will advocate for a public high school in District 1, ensuring all neighborhoods have access to quality education and community resources.

Together, let’s build a school system that empowers our children, supports our educators, and strengthens our communities. It’s time for positive change in Baltimore’s education system, and I’m committed to making it happen.


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